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UpSkill Alumni Testimonials


Bobby C., Upskill Alumnus
Construction Core Graduate
Referred to Reinforced Earth following the course

I've made about $800+ a week here for a while now. I've been offered multiple other jobs here since then. I didn't realize it but if you apply yourself to learning about this stuff there are positions available for 100K plus after some certification and experience.


LaTasha D., Upskill Alumnus
Medical Office Certification Graduate

Earning my Medical Office Assistant certification gave me the confidence to expand my horizon. This certificate is versatile, fits my evening schedule, and provides me the opportunity to enhance my skills. The instructor was friendly and knowledgeable. The course included a resume and job placement assistance. The class included individuals of various ages and backgrounds. Now I work for MCC in the Success Coaching Center as a Student Resource Specialist.

Being able to give back to my community has always been a passion of mine. MCC is a great place to start if you want to further your education. I tell everyone about the Upskill Waco/Goodwill program and the opportunities the program has to offer.


Edward L., Upskill Alumnus
Construction Core & Mechatronics Graduate

I enjoyed the program, it was very insightful collaborating with veterans. I learned that you could do anything if you try hard enough. You must take that leap and go for it. It's beginner-friendly while giving you the basics to learn with little to no knowledge whatsoever. Plus, having the option to see how every field ties in with one another gives more knowledge and understanding.

It's great in terms of learning, growing, and gaining experience in the field of work that strikes your fancy. Go at it with an open mind and be willing to embrace the material just like you would do anything else in life! I would highly recommend it! If you're interested in working with your hands or if you want to break into an in-demand industry, you're in the right place.


Jazmen B., Upskill Alumnus
Medical Office Certication Graduate

I just completed my Medical Office Assistant certification and I'm extremely excited for my future in the medical field. I was introduced to the program by a former student who is also is using her certificate to be successful. I am so grateful for the open communication, and the plethora of opportunities they offer. Upskill/Goodwill really changed my life at 21 by helping me get a GED college certification and now another one.

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