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Veteran Family

Re-entering the workforce? 

Use the skills you've developed and benefits you've earned to build the career you want.

As a distinguished member of our military, you’ve honed your skills and demonstrated your dedication to serving and protecting our nation, so what do you do after your service is completed? Veterans have a great deal of career options, but sometimes navigating benefits and finding training programs that work for your timeline and family needs can be tricky.  


That’s where UpSkill Waco can help. We are a collaboration of workforce and education partners that provides scholarship-supported skills training, credentials, and job-placement support in high demand occupations across McLennan County. 

We'll help you find the right training path to build a family-supporting career, in a high-demand industry that's hiring right now.

Think of us as your tactical support team for identifying the best training path for the career you want to build. In addition to UpSkill Waco’s scholarship support, our education partners have vets helping vets navigate and get the full use of education benefits for you and your dependents.  
When you fill out the brief interest below, we’ll connect to one of these navigators who will help you find the training course to match your skills and interests.  

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